Dream Scope: An IRL Filter Kit

Do you dream in swirly whirly color?


Dream Scope

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    Even those who have a dark and artsy clothing collection need a some more colorful options now and then. Deep down, we know you love sequins.

    The Dream Scope is a universal mount for any phone that'll attach it to a tripod, practical like black pants. But, it comes with three dreamy stackable swirlable 37mm pro glass gradient filters, snazzy like a rainbowy neckerchief.

    Stack the filters or any 37mm lens/filter you've got to get awesome technicolor patterns, lens flare and multi-hued tints in yours pics, no app necessary.

    It fits snug onto any type of camera phone using a handy dandy adjustable mount. It's small enough to slip in your pocket for quick color swapping.

    Mount just two (red on top, blue along the bottom) to give mother nature a little help with that sunset. Throw on all three and give them a spin to make a dreamy vid. Use yellow to warm up a scene that's got the blues.

    Now that you're back in color action, let's do something about those Andy Warhol inspired turtlenecks.

    Works Great With...
    • Universal tripod mount fits any phone
    • Coated glass gradient filters twist and stack for infinite color combinations
    • Use them for warming, cooling and rainbow-ing your shots
    • Filter your photos and videos too (there's no app for that)
    • Adjusts to fit any phone up to 3.75" wide and any 37mm sized filter

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