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  • Description

    You know that feeling when you skipped breakfast and you’re thinking “Man, I really wish I had an instant camera that also saved a digital copy of my insanely awesome photos! Also a burrito.”

    Well, get that sour cream ready because Polaroid’s bringing instant back with their new Snap and Snap Touch Cameras, an instant camera that pops out your prints on magical Zink paper. Okay, it’s not a burrito, but it does save digital copies to an SD card, yes!

    Turn your Snap Camera on by opening its adorable viewfinder and selecting your shooting mode: full color, B/W or sepia. Frame your perfect pic and click the big red button. Your photo begins printing and is saved onto your micro SD card. No worries about running out of paper, you can shoot solely digital too.

    And, if you're rocking the Snap Touch, with a 3.5" LED touch screen, you can review your pics right then and there, add filters and digital stickers, and decide wether they're print-worthy. Plus, this baby records 1080p HD video to boot.

    Use your Snap or Snap Touch in a photobooth at your next partay - send prints home with your guests and post digital copies online. Take your Snap with you on your next hike so you can stick gorgeous nature shots on your photo wall at home.

    No need to rely on salsa to spice up your photos anymore! That was getting messy.

    • Instantly print your snaps in Polaroid style
    • Save a digital copy for latergramming
    • 3 x 2 inch bizcard-sized prints have peel & stick backs
    • Self timer for insta-selfies
    • 3 color options: Full color, B/W or Sepia
    • Choose prints with or without a classic white frame
    • Original Snap:
    • 10.0 megapixel digital camera
    • Holds up to 32 GB microSD card
    • Snap Touch:
    • 13.0 megapixel digital camera
    • Records 1080p HD video
    • 3.5" LED Touchscreen for viewing end editing photos
    • Holds up to 128 GB microSD card
  • Specs
    The Original Snap
    • 10 megapixel digital camera
    • Optical pop-up viewfinder
    • LED flash auto-flashes when needed
    • Compatible with microSD cards up to 32 GB
    The Snap Touch
    • 13 megapixel digital camera
    • 3.5" LED Touchscreen
    • Shoots 1080p HD video
    • Microphone and speaker built-in
    • Built-in selfie mirror
    • Includes 10 pack of Zink paper
    • Compatible with microSD cards up to 128 GB
    Both Snaps!
    • Lens = EFL 3.4mm (35 mm equivalent: 25.8mm) & fixed f/2.8 aperture
    • 3 picture modes - color, black & white and sepia tone
    • Option to include classic Polaroid white border
    • Self timer
    • Standard tripod mount
    • Photobooth mode prints 4 photos over 2 prints
    • 2x3 prints on inkless Zink paper - embedded color crystals activate upon printing
    • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack - charging cord included
  • FAQ

    Does this come with Zink paper, and where would I find such incredible stuff?

    Zink is one of our faves, and Original Snap doesn’t come with any, while the Snap Touch comes with 10 sheets. You can snag a few packs right here on this page (up top and to the right!) Its majestic presence adds a bit of sparkle to our shop and hearts. D’aw.

    Why is it called Zink paper exactly?

    Zink is short for "zero ink." This magical stuff is embedded with color crystals that are activated upon printing. This makes for smudge-proof prints. Plus, they've got a peel ‘n stick backs, for funsies!

    How long does the battery last, and can I recharge it easily?

    The battery lasts for 25 photos. That's more than 2 packs of prints, or 25 digital pics. It recharges easily via USB (cable include). That means it'll totally work with a battery buddy, yay!

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